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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

Time is surely fun when you are having flies!

My Dearest Chilli Fans,

Well well Twenty Eleven here we are… What a quick year Twenty Ten was. It started off in January and before you know you are packing up the last orders, sweep the floor of the warehouse have a few beers to close the year and whoopty day here we are Twenty eleven…

Time is surely fun when you are having flies… euh…. Time surely flies when you are having fun…

This is it though Twenty eleven has truly started and we are ready for another year of chilli Madness, just the way we like it.


We introduced the new Taipan Venom hot chilli yellow 7 pot sauce just before Christmas and the first feedback has been very positive indeed…

Some of the remarks from our regular customers are:

“It is very addictive”, “very morish”, “good flavour”, “stunning” et cetera …

We will keep up the good work this coming year and keep you posted if anything new comes around. like new chillies new sauces et cetera But make sure to register yourself as a customer/member of our website so you are the first to be in the knowing or come back regularly to check if there are any new products available yet.

Become an on-line member of our website and stay up to date with:

- New hot chilli chef cooking videos,

- ALL our extra's, specials AND new products will be communicated on our website first!!

And best off all it is FREE to become an online member of the Chilli Factory...


Rain, rain and more rain… what a lot of rain and it did not seem to stop either.

A friend of mine has a house in Rocklea Brisbane and she lost almost everything. We are collection bits and pieces for her and as soon as she can have some stuff in her house we will ship it to her, the poor sausage. (First there is the cleaning then new electricity wired, new walls and ceiling et cetera.)

Offcourse she had an insurance but was surprised by her insurance company who told her: Yep rain is fine and when leaking through your roof we would pay your claim but… this is a flood and you are not covered.

How about that? Insured for flood damage but because this is a natural disaster she is not covered….

I thought all floods were a natural disaster and vice versa all natural water disasters could lead to flooding? no?  Strange how these insurance companies know how to word their policies AND get away with it….Better make a mental note to check my own insurance.

If you would like to donate to the Queensland disaster relief appeal? Check the following website:

That will do for now and I will keep you posted in the next Blogs,

Cheers and Happy Chilli’ing


Alex de Wit 27/01/2011

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