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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

Rudolf the Chilli lover...

My Dearest Chilli Fans,

Quickly a few words before it is XMAS TIME!!! Great, personally I love Christmas time..

For starters it is nice because it is Christmas (deuh… makes sense) What I mean to say it is Christmas and it is that time of the year to do something special, something different you know what I mean??  Like the decorating and the Christmas tree, sharing some good times with your friends and family. Nice and cosy.

Secondly because Christmas time means holiday… we work pretty much all year round most days of the week and it does not end until Christmas. Because we do need to stop sometimes to recuperate and recharge our batteries… so we make sure all distributors, shops and on-line customers are all stocked up and then check the warehouse, clean up everything, …and turn off the lights for a few weeks…

Thirdly because we will have some extras and specials going on in the last weeks before Christmas for all our regular customers. We give away to the regulars so abuse our generosity and do not forget: make sure to check your email box on a regular base in the next couple of days… Because if you Snoozzzzzze you loose ;=) and before you know the specials are all over red rover…

Make sure you become an online customer and add your customer details in our database so I can send you an e-mail about all the new things happening in chilli land. Click here to register your details.

Finally… It is almost finished our new product: we have the new sticker labels, we have the chillies and we are as we speak cooking up the batchesChilli_chili_factory_hot_Taipan_Venom.jpg and filling the jars and are expecting to start selling this from around 6 December onwards and hopefully we have enough…

Have a look at our new artwork and sticker label. Same brand new look… let us know what you think of our new style artwork we are interested in your opinion because at the end of the day it is the customer that makes the Chilli Factory.

This is how short I want to keep this little blogging because it is getting getting really really busy and we have trouble keeping up with everything

So keep an eye on your mailbox and check this blog the next couple of days to make sure you do not miss out on our new product: Taipan Venom, the sauce with some serious bite…

That will do for now and I will keep you posted in the next Blogs,

Cheers and Happy Chilli’ing


Alex de Wit 30/11/2010

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