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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

But wait there is more to come....

My dearest Chilli Fans,

Quickly a few words before we are off to the next event…

Just been back from the Floriade in Canberra. Unloaded the vans and cleaned up the stock and had a quick look at the photos I took at the Floriade this year.

Christmas is coming really fast this year only two months left and so much to do.

We are going to Tasmania end of October to attend to the Deloraine Craft Fair.

Marcel is working on the new garden outside with 1200 chilli plants and also our hothouse with the Jolokia chillies in there. So this will be new to us as well growing outside and will see how we go with that.

Chilli Factory floriade flower shot

chilli factory floriade overviewchilli factory wet flower floriadeChilli Factory stall floriade

I took some video shots as well in the past couple of months but had not yet found the time to go through them, sort them, edit them and last but not least put them on our website as well. I will promise that I will finish the videos before I go to Tasmania in two weeks…

There are a few videos of how to set up the Jolokia chillies, some cooking videos with the Hot chilli chef et cetera… and the longer you wait the more work it will create.

Have a look at our current videos in our video gallery, there are quite a few there already.

Connie has been really working hard to keep up with the new internet sales and trying to pack them ASAP when we get them in. also the orders for all our distributors here in Australia and overseas so just to make sure we do not get bored here ha-ha.

Anyway some nice things are happening over here at the Chilli Factory lots of new things this year already but we got one more thingy up our sleeve before Christmas….

Because as we speak we are working hard at getting a new sauce out before Christmas!! It will be something special and small batch run so very limited edition chilli sauce and I have tried it and must admit: 1 it is VERY hot and 2 IT taste YUMYUM and you want more of it.

Limited production for now all hand picked and hand grinded chillies so when we put it on-line make sure you order as soon as we e-mail you that it is available.

We are also working on a new label and are trying to get that finalised as well this year so we will change that over in the next year or so. Which means that we will run out of the old sticker stock and then replace that with our new label. It will be introduced step by step

That will do for now and I will keep you posted in the next Blogs,

Cheers and Happy Chilli’ing


Alex de Wit 14/10/2010

Comment on But wait there is more to come....


Hi Alex,

Can distributors get in on this "new product" ?????


Cliff Cleary


Hi Cliff,

We will see if we have enough volume of this new chilli. It will start off only on-line selling to our dedicated on-line customers as we did with the Devil's Delirium. Then we have to extend the amount of chilli plants and will upgrade our production facility and spread to the distributors and shops.
I wish I had Tonnes of the ghost chilli and Tonnes of the other new chillies coming up!!! I could sell them all

Alex de Wit
The Chilli Factory

Alex de Wit


Hi Alex,

I purchased a variety of your products at Floriade this year & along with my purchase, I was given some chilli flavoured peanuts and also, some Chilli Chocolate.....I am interested to know if you have or will soon be making the chocolate available for sale?...It was REALLY good!!


Graham Wilson,

Graham Wilson


Hi Graham,

Thanks for being such a good chilli fan!!!
Yep Floriade was good and the flowers were beautifull...

I brought some chilli chocolate as an extra to Floriade but normally we do not stock this item. reason is because it is cumbersum to freight and travel with this product... because it melts.

BUT... If you really really like it? if you order this week (29th of November untill Sunday 5th of December 2010 and add a line with the order Alex has promised me free chocolate I will put some extras in your orderbox?? tempting ? let me know...

Cheers and have a great day...

Alex de Wit



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