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Alex de Wit

The End is near.. The end is near....

Dear Customer,

The end of the financial year is almost here again! And we need to have our warehouse as empty as possible so … we came up with a few specials for the last week of the financial year…

1) Discount on Jars

Order and pay for any Mix ‘n Match 6 jars and receive a seventh jar for FREE.

Order and pay for any Mix ‘n Match 12 jars and receive 2 jars extra on top of order for FREE. (And so on and on and on…order and pay 18 jars and get 3 extra jars for free, et cetera)


  • Valid from Wednesday 23rd of June up and until Wednesday the 30th of June 2010 24:00 PM only.
  • Valid while stock last.
  • Use this special code at on-line discount box: ENDHOT

When ordering on-line, after placing your order, go to the checkout as normal.

At the bottom of: “Checkout” page you will see a special Discount Code box.

Add your discount code “ENDHOT” here.

You can choose your free product(s) from the drop down menu at the next page. The system will add the jar you would like to receive for free to your current order and we will put it in the box for you….it is that easy.

SO lets go multiple six packs this winter!

What if I want to order multiple six packs in ONE order, do I get more than one jar for free?

YES offcourse. If you want to order more than six jars  (12 jars, 18 jars or more…et cetera), Per one six pack you get one jar for free. ALL this for free? And how about freight, does this get more expensive the more I order?

NO! Offcourse not. We cap the freight at 5 jars … and we pay for the difference.

You never pay more freight at the Chilli Factory than for the first five jars and any extra costs for shipping more than the five jars to your home anywhere in Australia are on the house so to say…it is that easy.

3) Stubby wrap-around.

Jolokia Stubby Wrap

A STUBBIE wrap-around for your beer bottle. Get one FREE with every paid order for your Devil’s Delirium jar.

So ANY paid order placed for the Devil’s Delirium will receive a free Stubby wrap-around. (Does not count when choosing the Devil’s Delirium as your free jar…)

Jolokia T-shirt

4) GO CRAZY.... 100% Cotton T-Shirt

I Survived Devil's Delirium!!!... Oh My God it's HOT!!

(Thanks Marcel for modelling. As you can see it comes very natural!!)

Normal retail price $ 35.00
NOW $ 25.00 only

Save $ 10.00!!

Available in the following sizes:
L / XL / 2XL and 3XL

Sizes are Australian Sizes!!

High quality T-shirt. (Made by JB’s Wear, UPF 50+.)

T-shirt is PRINTED here in Australia.

Front print is BIG ... 24CM Wide 30CM high.

Print is SCREEN PRINTED on the T-shirt. Very bright colours and this one will last a long time.
On the back of the T-shirt it states our website:

That’s A lot of specials and deals…

…But wait there’s more….

4) New website special.

To celebrate our new designed website after all the freebees and extra’s we will add even MORE freebees to your box!!

Chilli Freebees

* Order 3 jars/bottles receive free pack of Organic Corn chips
* order 4 jars/bottles receive free chips AND chilli Kri Kri peanuts
* order 5 jars/bottles receive, free chips, chilli kri kri peanuts AND Wasabi Peas
* order 6 jars/bottles receive free chips, chilli kri kir peanuts, Wasabi peas AND the chilli chocolate.

As usual thank you for your time and enjoy or specials.....

@lexxx de Wit

Alex de Wit 22/06/2010

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