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Alex de Wit

Beggers CAN Be Choosers

Scorpion Strike ... “On Steroids!”

Beggars CAN be choosers! (ONLY At the Chilli Factory!!!)

Like this post and share with as many friends as possible! Because the more beggars the more likely it will be that we cook another batch of this super duper HOTTEST BBQ sauce on steroids!

It’s up to you, our customers, to get more of this sauce!

on steroids

Remember our Christmas 2017 special product?
The Scorpion Strike ... “On Steroids!”
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter!!!…
Limited edition & only available while stocks last!
Heat level: 25/10
ULTRA HOT sauce with an extra oomph!

We sold out and we thought that’s the end of that story

Customers started to call, e-mail, text, snail-mail us asking if we could do ONE more of that special batch!!

So the more likes and shares of this post, the more likely we are to cook another batch…

If you like to thank us? Please brag and talk about the Chilli Factory, is all we ask.
We are a small family business and word of mouth is our marketing team!!
We would like to welcome you to our Hot Chilli Marketing Team!!

We wish you a spicy day.

p.s. Remember: we are a 100% Australian Grown, Made and Owned company and NOT made in China for a change!!

Want to buy this awesome product? just click this link...

Alex de Wit 13/03/2018

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