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Alex de Wit

2nd Delivery Fee

Sometimes customers DO NOT READ! Or click away a pop-up screen without LOOKING what they are clicking away and checking what it says!
To explain to those customers what happens if you DO NOT authorise us to leave your parcel at a safe spot at home or ask us to deliver it to a work address where you can sign for that parcel I especially created this blog..... Which they probably do not read as well ha-ha!!
When you order on our website at some stage you will get a pop-up screen in your face that asks regarding yes or no authority to leave and explains what it means and also that the alternative can be a better drop off address (like work address) so are people that can sign for receiving the parcel.....
BECAUSE we will charge you a second delivery fee if we get charged from our freight forwarding company!! Simple
We have no secrets or trying to trick you!! IT is ALL clearly stated when you order AND also available on our shipping policies on our website......
Second Delivery Fee - Second Delivery Fee

Alex de Wit 22/01/2016

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