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Alex de Wit

The “Mr Chilli” Awards 2015

The “Mr Chilli” Awards 2015 results:

Chilli Chutney Category

1st Place with Kangaroo Punch

Chilli Sauce – Extra Hot Category

1st Place with Scorpion Strike

& 3rd Place with Reaper Paste

Chilli Sauce – Chocolate Category

1st Place with Cranky Croc Choc

 Chilli Sauce – Smoked Category

2nd Place with Fiery Frillneck Hiss

 Chilli Sauce – Tomato Category

2nd Place with Outback Storm

 Chilli Sauce – Savoury Category

2nd Place with Double Trouble

 Chilli Sauce – Sweet Catdegory

2nd Place with Funnelweb Bite

 Chilli Sauce – Habanero Category

3rd Place with Turbo Supercharge

Rubs – Chicken Category

1st Place with Butter Chicken Mild

 Rubs – Curry Category

1st Place with Thai Red Curry

 Rubs – BBQ Category

1st Place with Jamaican BBQ Rub

 A Total of Six 1st, Four 2nd and Two 3rd Place winners!!

But who’s counting ;=))


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Alex de Wit 09/11/2015

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