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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit


Hi Dear Customers,

How are you? We are getting ready for winter! Brrrr freezing today, what a change in the weather all of a sudden. Just went into the warehouse this morning to have a look for the heater… where did I leave that one last year? It took me some time to recall where I stored it last year after winter. Found it on top of one of the pallet racks….

While the heater happily blazes away I will try to get another Blog up and running.

What are we up to here at the Chilli Factory?

Well although it is winter and June July are normally reasonably quiet sales wise this year we have plenty of things planned to tie us over until spring!

The Jolokia hothouse is almost done for the growing season and the amount of fruit is getting less and less. Time to go through the hothouse and prune it all back.

Wintertime is great to work in your chilli garden and doing new things. This year we have planned to extend our amount of Jolokia Chilli plants and decided to grow these chillies outside the hothouse as well.

We are planning to grow more of the Jolokia chilli to keep up with the current demand. We can just keep up with the growing, picking and filling the jars when it is season and have a shortage when the fruiting of this hottest chilli in the world stops. At this moment in time we are trying to built up some extra stock of the Jolokia or ghost chilli so we have (hopefully, or not depend how you look at things) enough for this year spring and early summer time when there is no more chilli fruit until the plants start to fruit again early January for the next years 2011 Chilli season.

We are also going to introduce two new kinds of chillies soon as well. I will leave it with that because I am not allowed to talk about it just yet. Marcel, my brother will kill me if I give away too much! So hush hush for now ;=)

When all plants are pruned back in our hothouse we are going to change and extend the existing hothouse and improve where possible. Although this hothouse is only two years old Marcel is going to tweak it a bit so we can get more fruit per plant. So as you can imagine work at the Chilli Factory and Chilli Farm never stops.

Marcel has done a lot already this year and is picking, pruning and planning next years harvest. He has put in a brand new water dam to save town water, we had, and still have, a 25,000 litre water tank but this was not big enough for the amount of chilli plants growing in our hothouse so we have extended it with a new water dam which will hold a further 75,000 litre of water!

New labels The Chilli Factory

A busy year indeed and no rest for the wicked as they say. Coming soon is a new sticker label design. We have done a complete overhaul of our existing range

(No worries we did not change the multiple award winning flavours we only changed the labels!) We will introduce that the next couple of months and as we run out of the “old” labels we will slowly introduce the new ones. To give you a bit of a sneak peak, have a look at the new stickerlabel. We think they look awesome and funny.

That will do for now! I thank you for your time and patience and enjoy the burn of our chilli range,

Cheers big Ears,



Alex de Wit 18/06/2010

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