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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

Chilli Seedlings were available at Masters Australia wide!!


From Saturday 14th of September onwards

Chilli Factory Seedlings available at Masters Stores Australia wide!

Click here to view full list of shops where the seedlings will be available

 20 SEEDLINGS Available

Have a look at the nursery section and check out the new range of:

Pot it, Plant it...

Pot'n All ®  Heart Starters

The Chilli Factory Chillies “ From Zero to Hero” ™

There will be 20 varieties of Chilli Seedlings available

Developed by RAMM Botanicals and The Chilli Factory


NB: This is a blog and yes blogs can contain old 'news" offcourse! Masters does not longer exsist! (Defunct 11 December 2016)

 But that his how it goes in life & with "news" articles!!


Alex de Wit 01/10/2013

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