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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

Official Guinness World Record

Over the past 2 years (March 2011) since we have had the Guinness World Record there have been stories in newspapers and on-line about the fact that we:

- Tested only one pod of chilli so our record is an incident

- Are not commercial growers???

- Have not tested it Scientifically

 Well guess what?

- This is how we test our chillies, See photo...

Testing our hot chilli

This is what we send to the lab for testing! And we do this on a regular base too!! (So no not one test and got lucky and certainly NOT ONE POD!!)

OK I wear glasses so I am bias but.... does that look like one pod to you?

 Randomly picked offcourse and so the measurement will be an average!! I think the Yanks call that MEAN of various Scorpion Pods from various plants AND from different chilli fields.

We have 8,500 Scorpion plants to choose from is that commercial enough?

 So the Guinness World Record was:

- Tested more than one pod, tick

- 8,500 Trinidad plants, commercial growers, tick

- Scientifically tested and averaged/MEAN heat, tick

Anybody telling you differently just tell them to read this ... and yes we have had to send a scientifically correct tested, backed up by THREE  horticulturists pack with lots of information to Guinness World Record to PROOF we did it Scientifically! 

The OFFICIAL GUINNESS WORLD RECORD is STILL standing!! even after TWO years so no matter what anybody else CLAIMS. You need PROOF of your record to GET IT!!! AND IT HAS TO BE BACKED UP AND AVERAGED OKAY?

OUR RECORD is AVERAGE/MEAN heat of: 1,463,700 Scoville Units.

NOT single pod we do not measure single pods we have NO interest in one single pod measurements.

 Thanks for your time...

If you want to read more? click on link below to go to pdf file...

Explenation of testing our chillies

Update: 29/11/2013 Record was upheld until Wednesday 20/11/2013.

Do not worry we will be back!!! Working on it...

Alex de Wit 18/02/2013

Comment on Official Guinness World Record


Of course what Alex says is correct. I have been there and seen his farms and tasted the hottest chillis in the world... The rest just dont compare to The Chilli Factorys.

Chris Musgrave


I've been to a 'let's talk chilli' and seen hundreds of scorp plants soaking up the sun, and know of other fields that help supply their business. These guys know their stuff. Everyone has a chance of growing a freak pod, but the de wits grow the hottest, consistently. They deserve the record

nik hampshire



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