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Alex de Wit

Happy customers makes us happy...

Good Morning Alex,
Thank you very much for your email.
As i right this i am enjoying some freshly baked bread from this morning (toasted) with some lovely Australian Colby and a good smattering of your Morning Afterburn on top, what a wonderful way to start a Saturday morning. You may find this funny, part of my learning process of the ‘Hot Sauce’ is that i have learned to drink my coffee first !! Coffee after a mouthful of heat isn’t the most pleasurable thing.
I purchased the :
  • Turbo Supercharge - Just the right heat that i have been searching for. Looking forward to including that in my next Bolognese.
  • Morning Afterburn – Exactly what i was after, fruity (no too fruity) clean flavoursome taste, with a generous ‘kick’ to sustain the experience.
  • Yellow Seven Pot Sauce – Bags of Flavour, great heat, REAL HEAT, looking forward to playing around with this one in different dishes, will start with a nice crusty roll with Ham & Cheese.
  • Dragons Blood – Haven’t opened it yet, as i will only taste these flavours for the ‘first time’ once i want to try and put some thought into it, i am leaning towards the Ice Cream though !!
Alex, i am delighted with your products and again want to again thank you for taking the time to give me a call to discuss and this follow up email. Apart from Tabasco Habanero (which i love !!) i will not be spending my hard earned in the US any more, i think that given quality of your products and the range on offer, consider me a ‘Customer Won’.
I can see me going through a fair bit of Morning Afterburn so i don’t think it will be too long before i get the Credit Card out again. Do you do a Smokey BBQ Sauce ? (or recommend one) as my wife loves that stuff, she is the carnivore of the family.
Best wishes to you and the family and also thank you for the Mouse Pad & Lanyard that came with the Sauces, a nice touch.
Kind Regards
Mark Loriente
P.S Please feel free to use this email, in whole or part, as a Customer Testimonial.

Alex de Wit 21/07/2012

Comment on Happy customers makes us happy...


Hi there my names Reagan, i just wanted to let you know ..this morning i woke up shocked to say the least because the "trinidad butch t" seeds u sold me have sprouted ,after only 4 days!! i used simple potting mix infused with dynamic lifter purchased at coles, well drained and well watered another thing is ive kept the surface moist with a spray bottle at night i placed the propagation tray on the fridge to keep the soil warm (around 23-24c) be starting with the worm juice shortly..anyway thanks a bunch guys for high quality seeds :)

reagan de-giorgi



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