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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

Lets Talk Chilli

WE ARE FULLY BOOKED for: Let's talk Chillies...

“Let’s Talk Chillies!”
Saturday 3rd of March
Starts at 11:00 AM

At the Chilli Factory
1 Ironbark road
Morisset NSW 2264 Australia

DUE to the bad weather of the last couple of months.... if you want to bring your old shoes or rubber boots and umbrella just in case!! (You do not have to offcourse…)

Mark Peacock Horticulturist, Neil Smith director of the Hippy Seed Company and Marcel de Wit Hot Director 1 of the Chilli Factory will be talking chillies!
You can come over and talk about chillies and ask questions about how to grow chillies from seedlings to mature plants. How to harvest and process the chillies.
Basically anything to do with chilli

For all details please click here to open PDF file...

Alex de Wit 20/02/2012

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