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Alex de Wit

To Paypal or not to Paypal....

My Dearest Chilli fans

After using Paypal for the past 18 months on our website we are that frustrated with them that we took the payment option off our website!! You can still use your Visa and MasterCard offcourse because that has been working without any frustration and hiccups for the past 11 years... it is a shame that a large organisation like Paypal gets away with the things they do to us.... been on the phone with Paypal for 15 minutes trying to explain that both customer and supplier cannot see the issue they see... grrrr where's my coffee!! The bloody mongrels....

We always ship the same day or utmost the day after you ordered. Same with this particularly order concerning this Paypal stuff up. Customer orders we ship…. but wait Paypal had issues with it. So payment is frozen and we already shipped whoops so no worries I will supply them with the details of the shipment and also proof of Delivery at address supplied so this issue should be solved right? WRONG! Paypal decided that the account was compromised and the address was not matching the customers address…. so money was send back to the customer regardless of our proof of delivery.

We contacted our customer (who by the way is a regular!! and we have shipped before to this address under the same conditions) and checked if anything went wrong this time and or if he had cancelled the payment….NO he did not further more he found it strange and also he was not able to use his Paypal account either because of this “investigation”

OK lets call Paypal and speak to a human to explain the situation to clarify this and get on with our lives… above all we are talking about an AU$ 66.20 order so it will not break anybodies bank I suppose but by the time I started calling them we are two weeks down the track and already spent way too much time on this matter… we have more things to do than track and trace every single order just because Paypal makes you do this…

Called Paypal and tried to explain the situation calmly and consistently. After 15 very frustrating minutes talking to a “human” who understood my frustration but the system says it is a “fraudulent” transaction. Regardless the information I supplied to him that both supplier and buyer are more than happy with each other and also have had dealings under the same conditions before in the past… No Computer system says NO so and that’s the end if it…

This is the second time Paypal is doing this to us in a very short timeframe… so To Paypal or NOT to Paypal.. was the question and …the answer is …. from now on we are NOT using Paypal anymore!!

Offcourse you can still use normal credit card payments on our website just like before Paypal. All secure and save already for the past 11 years. Been working like a charm never any issues …

It is good to get this of my chest aaaah feel better now!!!!!

Wanna keep track of us? You want to know what is going on? The best way to stay in contact with us is our Face Book page. This is updated on a regular, almost daily, base. So if you are interested in anything chillies? Check it out!!

Also have a look at our YouTube Channel here where we have more information available about the growing process and how we make our chilli sauces as well as beautiful recipes on how to use our range with your cooking

That will do for now and I will keep you posted in the next Blogs

Cheers and Happy Chilli’ing


Alex de Wit 19/10/2011

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