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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

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My Dearest Chilli fans

Wow a lot of things happened since the last blog… We announced the hottest chilli in the world the Trinidad Scorpion Chilli and everything went haywire! After 6 months the flow of interest has not slowed….yet. We still get requests from all over the world and are doing interviews on radio and TV. Which is great fun…..

Want to know more about the world hottest chilli? Click here for the full page dedicated to this chilli.

The best way to stay in contact with us is by far our FaceBook page. This is updated on a regular base. So if you are interested in anything chillies? Click here to check it out!!

Also have a look at our YouTube Channel here where we have more information available about the growing process and how we make our chilli sauces as well as beautiful recipes on how to use our range with your cooking

I have made a new gallery with all the photos related to this new chilli here as well so you have plenty to look, read and maybe when ordering the hottest chilli in the world here also SNIFF at!! (Not for the faint at heart) Or when brave even try it…

At the moment we are selling at the Floriade show in Canberra. So if you are close by please do not hesitate to contact us there and have a taste and have a try of the hottest chilli in the world!!

That will do for now and I will keep you posted in the next Blogs

Cheers and Happy Chilli’ing


Alex de Wit 07/10/2011

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