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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

Another Gold award from the Royal Easter Show!!

My Dearest Chilli fans

Wow a lot of things happened since the last blog… We announced the hottest chilli in the world the Trinidad Scorpion Chilli and everything went haywire!

We had phone calls from all over the world requesting more information about the Scorpion chilli and the demand for our new product the Scorpion Strike has been amazing. We can just keep up with the retail sales and at the moment do not have enough products to fill the shops and distributors yet…

Hot Chilli pickers...Jarmilla and Linda

BUT we are working hard to improve and are talking to more growers to grow this new chilli so we should be able to supply more products soon. Well a couple more months because it is a natural product the plants have to grow and start fruiting, which will take a couple of months. Next harvest should be enough to supply everyone.

We had request from all kinds of media from all over the world. And have done numerous interviews with the television and radio stations and also appeared in the various newspapers from all over the globe, USA, The Netherlands, Greece, New Zealand et cetera. Scientifically magazines and newspapers alike….

Have a look here I will add some links to the various media for you

Tried to keep up with it but we were flabergasted by this attention and also due to the Easter show it was not possible to do so… Well it is a fortunate problem for sure and we can assure you that after 10 years of hard work with long days and odd hours we are really enjoying this new status while it lasts…

We also applied for the Guinness World record and are expecting an answer back from them soon within the next two weeks. Mind you they do get more than 1,000!! Applications for all kinds of records a week!! Wow so the piles must be high at the office where they have to go through all of them. We will have to wait but will let you know ASAP as we know offcourse!!

The best way to keep track of the Chilli Factory is here at FaceBook...

Just ckick on Like and we will keep you up to date! Easy Peasy....

Want to know more about the world hottest chilli? Click here for the full page dedicated to this chilli.

Also have a look at our YouTube Channel here where we have more information available about the growing process and how we make our chilli sauces as well as beautiful recipes ion how to use our range with your cooking

I have made a new gallery with all the photos related to this new chilli here as well so you have plenty to look, read and maybe when ordering the hottest chilli in the world here also SNIFF at!! (Not for the faint at heart) Or when brave even try it…

Last but certainly not least!!  We also won another gold medal at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney for our customer service, stand design and our product!

Another godl for the Chilli Factory

On the background you can also see the Chilli Factory Sales team for the royal Easter Show 2011...

That will do for now and I will keep you posted in the next Blogs

Cheers and Happy Chilli’ing


Alex de Wit 30/05/2011

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