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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

Home of the Famous Beer Tree

My Dearest Chilli Fans,

What are we up to at The Chilli Factory? Well… quite a bit to be honest…

After years of hard work and trial and error my brother Marcel has finally pulled it off. He created a new type of tree: (Fourexus Beertreeus)

We are really proud of this and happy that our taste testing for this hard cause has been worth our while….

So from now on we shall be known as:

The Chilli Factory home of the Famous Beer Tree!!

Getting curious? Check out Cooking Video 8 of the Hot Chilli Chef and we will

Reveal the secret of our Beer Tree at:

Or directly at YouTube:

Thanks Neil from the Hippy Seed company in naming this new tree. Much appreciated!!  Have a look at Neil’s Vid's at YouTube:

The Chilli Factory home of the Famous Beer Tree!!

But wait … there’s more:

New, new new… we have Facebook available now as well…. Check us out at:

The idea is to have quick updates here so you can easily track and trace where the Chilli Factory is up to and what we are doing…

So new more cooking video’s, new on facebook, new products and there is still more to come!! Keep an eye on us via Facebook or our website and we keep on going… and that’s a promise…. because we love what we are doing and like to satisfy our chilli lovers with great products… so spread it around and sharing is caring I say and let everyone you know know that you like us!! We will do the rest.

AND more...

We introduced the new Taipan Venom just before Christmas and the first feedback has been very positive indeed…

Some of the remarks from our regular customers are:

“It is very addictive”, “very morish”, “good flavour”, “stunning” et cetera …

We will keep up the good work this coming year and keep you posted if anything new comes around. But make sure to register yourself as a customer/member of our website you are the first to be in the knowing or come back regularly to check if there are any new products available yet.

Become an on-line member of our website and stay up to date with:

- New hot chilli chef cooking videos,

- ALL our extra's, specials AND new products will be communicated on our website first!!

And best off all it is FREE to become an online member of the Chilli Factory...

That will do for now and I will keep you posted in the next Blogs,

Cheers and Happy Chilli’ing


Alex de Wit 17/02/2011

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