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Chilli Blog

Alex de Wit

Welcome to our New Site!

Hi There dear customers!

Finally it has arrived, behold our new website….I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

I thought I better start to write something before this new website goes live.... which is soon.

It has taken us from early November 2009 until now to start and create this brand spanking new website. Chris our web builder from on line PC has done all the hard yakka and put in a lot of hours! I have been collection idea over the past few years about what we wanted as a company and what kind of presence to have on the Internet. After all it is like a business card, is it not?

Is it finished yet? No not really but it is a very nice starting point to extend and improve even further! We needed a new website the old one was patched up and added to for the past 7 years so about time to come up with something completely different and new.

We will add more and change things over in the next couple of months. It is more like a living organism than anything else.

I hope you all enjoy our new website and if you would like to leave some feedback? Do not hesitate do so! We really appreciate your opinion whether positive or negative it will always be read and if time permits you might even get an answer!! We tested it thoroughly but we are certainly NOT perfect….so let us know your thoughts.

I will go through every page over the next few months and slowly start to add new text and or change the text here and there. We still have another 2 million ideas for this website but it all boils down to a few common constraints: Time and money! But the trend has been set and the only way is UP! So come back regarly to see something new added every time.

Do you like what you see? Why not become a member of our chilli website? You do not have to order if you do not like to, you do not have to receive any emails either you can turn that off yourself in your profile but by becoming a member you can rate any of our products, forward the favourite product you like to a mate of you, get bonuses and freebees and discounts!

Enough talking and typing. This will do for a first blog!

I thank you very much for your time,

Cheers big ears


Alex de Wit 19/05/2010

Comment on Welcome to our New Site!


Hey Alex, well, the site is here and looking fantastic!
Thanks to yourself and all for the great effort to
get it happening.
Looking forward to more media and pics as the company grows.

Phil Bender


Hey Chilli Factory the new website looks GREAT! Cant wait to see more pictures and updates of your inspiring farm!

Marty Hoban


Hi Alex and the team. Congratulations on a great site which provides a heap of information, is well laid out and very interesting.

I live at Bargara (Bundaberg) Queensland and purchased 40 Butch T seeds from you in January. They were planted on 25th January, the day before the tornados and floods devastated our region as a result of ex tropical cyclone Oswald so you could say they were born under a baptism of fire! All have survived!

Thanks again for you detailed information and videos on how to germinate and grow them - well done!

Greg Barnes



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